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Celebrating Jim’s Second Edition of
Communicating & Connecting in Relationships

(Need we mention Christmas gifts?)

The First Edition is best seller with over 22,000 copies sold. For a limited time, you can order the Second Edition for the Pre-Publishing Price of $15. When we list it with Amazon it will be $22.95. But, you can’t order from Amazon or bookstores just yet; we’re working on the arrangements. (And, by the way, the First Edition price has been reduced to $10.)

All the things you treasure still are there: the Flat-Brain Theory, the tango, the card, practical listening tips and humor.

In addition, Jim delved a bit deeper into techniques that can create, nurture and support the deep changes often required for us to journey into healthy relationships and self-discovery. Many readers have said these are the book’s true worth.

In this second edition, listening techniques are spread throughout, making them easier to use and practice as you read. This “Why” also has expanded sections on managing the Flat-Brain, communication traps, decision-making and motivation.

Pre-Publishing Price $15

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Tea Pie, Love and Reality
A Collection of Memoir Essays

Sally’s book of short memoir essays has gone into a second printing to be ready for holiday giving. We’ve discounted it to $10 for the season. "Tea Pie” is small enough to hold in your hand or slip into a Christmas stocking. Read one or two bits before dropping off to sleep. You will see yourself in it, our readers tell us. 

These very short essays, called "miniatures," touch on everyday happenings from a Midwestern childhood to a corporate world, stopping along the way for mountain climbing, youngsters, travel, creativity and pushing life to the edges. Poignant and funny, they will set you thinking about your life, too.


Tea Pie

Holiday Price $10

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