Talker Listener Cards

What Is a Talker-Listener Card?

Simply an “A-frame” card placed between two people. It helps keep track of who’s talking and who’s listening. It helps you take turns, so that both people focus on one person’s point of view at a time. Imagine, someone really listening to you. If you use the card, you can end arguing as you know it.

The Talker-Listener Card is a “foldable third person,” someone you bring in to moderate a difficult discussion, add a little objectivity, and put you on your best behavior.

In effect the Talker-Listener Card becomes a game you choose to play with someone. You discuss difficult issues with agreed upon rules by taking turns. The Card lets people work (play) together even though their opinions differ widely. It transforms an argument into a discussion.
You can use this method with friends, at work, in your family, or wherever you want improved communication. When you listen well and wisely people tend to relax, feel safer with you, and move into a cooperative mode. Good listening techniques will help you diffuse anger in unpleasant or confusing situations. If you listen first, then others will be more ready to listen to you.

“The Talker – Listener Card is a helpful adjunct to counseling. Clients are specifically reminded of how to carry their experience from therapy into other important relationships.” – Donald W. Swain, Psy.D., Psychologist, Beaverton, OR

In response to your requests for a larger, table size card that can be used for counseling, teaching and at the family dinner table, we now offer a 4″x7″ card.

Business Card (2″ x 3.5″)

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